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A Revolutionary Guide to Renouncing the Matrix and Reclaiming the Matrice
The Art of Reclamation
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The Sacred Senses is a portal place devoted to resurrecting our birthright of living in union with our selves and the Earth.  We are awakening, and remembering the ways we have lived with Her before the patriarchal and colonizing forces of history lead us to this transitional moment.  We are gathering strength in numbers with this remembering.  We are coming back to wholeness.  We are making a stand to live in equality and to protect all life.  We are taking responsibility and committed to understanding the toxic history of colonization, and to stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and women around the world to bring our earth back into balance.

The change of consciousness we are collectively experiencing is asking us to make our healing the highest priority so that we can remember what it's like to create mutuality, community, and global choices made by the majority.  The majority of us want to heal, experience joy, and care for our Earth, and we are at a revolutionary precipice of reclaiming our power to do so.  This revolution of healing rides on the feminine force that has always been with us. She is here now to help bring us back into balance, and she is asking us to do this together. 

I am here to help women and all humans liberate themselves from the prison of cis-hetero patriarchal conditioning, and reconnect to Mother Earth and our true selves. When we heal, we align with our purpose, and can serve ourselves and the planet. Our greatest Spiritual work now is to help each other envision and build a future that is not colonial.  To create grassroots infrastructure combining all of our healing tools with mutual aid, because we are the vital life force of our future on this planet, not our nation states.  We are part of a web of empowerment that is rippling out in ever widening circles, and we weave with grace, dignity, facility, and ferocity. We are here to pioneer a new stewardship of the Earth, listening to how to live in balance with Her, and to stand ready in our new infrastructure as the old systems crumble around us.

My heart is so full to welcome you here!
Please read through my Free Guides on Revolution and Reclamation xxxx

With Love,


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