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     Witch      Warrioress       Wilderness       Reclamation

The Sacred Senses is a portal place devoted to the fullest flowering of our shared imperative: to reclaim our birthright of living in union with our selves and the Earth.  We are awakening, and remembering the ways we have lived with Her before the patriarchal and colonizing forces of history lead us to this transitional moment.  We are strengthening ourselves with this remembering.  We are coming back to wholeness, and learning to channel the genius of our human potential to create a new shared reality. 

The change of consciousness we are collectively experiencing is asking us to become dedicated to our own healing so that we can step out into the world and help others do the same.  This revolution of healing rides on the feminine force that has always been with us. She is here now to help bring us back into balance, and, we can only do this together.

My heart is so full to welcome you here.

With Love,

All Rights Reserved Saetha Evans, The Sacred Senses 2022

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