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MidnightMoonDark is a beloved practice I have developed from my experiences of journeying into the wilderness over the last thirty years, that is based on the ancient ritual of women communing with the Earth and Cosmos during the time of no moon in the sky; New Moon, or Moon Dark as it was called. 

As women, we are deeply connected to the Moon, and our relationship has been one of mystery and enlightenment since the beginning. During Moon Dark in particular, there is a liminal space that opens when the whole of the Night Sky is visible without the light of the moon, and the veil is thin.  The Moon is with us, but she is shadowed, germinating.  It is a time when we practiced magic, healing, incantation and song, invoking the Goddess of a Thousand Names.  MidnightMoonDark is a bridge between the Earth and the center of the Cosmos itself, and our bodies and consciousness are the vessel through which we access both.  Believe me when I tell you, it is an experience you cannot live the rest of your life without having. 

MidnightMoonDark takes us into the sacred darkness, where we look upon each other's faces as they truly are.  It is a space that is protected, cloaked, allowing a truth to emerge that might not otherwise be seen.

During MidnightMoonDark we meet again in the old ways, walking into the wilderness together under the starry sky.  We sit in circles again, we create ceremony, we journey to know ourselves more deeply, and to strengthen the transformative action that happens when we come together with the intention of living in right way with our beautiful Mother.
 We remember the truth of what we are all a part of, the Universe itself, the unknown realms.  We embark on a journey to travel into the mysteries, knowing that each of us has a piece of interlocking wisdom that is vital in recreating what our shared collective experience on this Earth can be.  MidnightMoonDark is a magical experience that touches all who participate. 

This program creates resiliency and release for women who have fear around being alone in nature or the darkness, and allows a communal empowerment to be remembered through our nocturnal gathering.  

MidnightMoonDark 2024 ::: 5/7/24, 6/6/24, 7/5/24, 8/4/24, and 9/2/24.  Meet Us In The Desert. Take Back The Night. Conspire With The Cosmos.

Inquire through our Contact page or email if you re interested in this magical event.

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