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The Sacred Senses declares the truth that we are all in possession of innate senses and intuitive gifts that connect us with the Earth.  The purpose of these gifts are to aid us in living in balance with Her as a human family, which is our birthright.  We have been shut off from these inborn gifts through the destructive forces of cis-hetero patriarchy, religion, white supremacy, resource capitalism, settler colonialism, and education systems which intentionally obscure the truth of our shared histories. 

Here, we retrace the path of the dominating forces of the last 4,000 years so that we can understand why whole parts of our human family have been oppressed, enslaved, and genocided, and to understand why ruling interests remain in power, treating the Earth and her resources as a commodity, without concern for future generations. 

We untangle the corrupt value systems that perpetuate such generational harm, and we empower ourselves to participate in the liberation of the Earth, humans, and all beings that live upon her, that IS happening now.  We teach techniques of remembering these Sacred Senses which connect us to our crucial and integral place at home on our Earth, and within the Universe.  We are a part of the Cosmic Web, we are children of the Earth, we belong, we are vital players in this vast orchestration. 

When we are in relationship with all of our senses, we can access the sacredness of all creation. Our own unique creative expression can begin to flow through us, helping to free our voices, heal our wounded and repressed parts, and make informed choices to step away from the maze of capitalism and consumerism.  We can train to live in a different way, to make our lives a living ceremony, where each day is an offering, each day is art.  Our creative expression is our truest self, and is a living prayer that connects us with all life.  It is also the creative fire that helps us to resist these destructive forces that would keep us enslaved, and torn from our Earth.  We are in a collective healing, now.  As we free ourselves, we free each other, we rise together.  This is the way. 

I have thirty years of experience as a Wilderness Soloist, twenty five years as a Movement Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Artist, Singer, and Writer.  I have published three books, and I am a singer of liberation songs. I have eleven years of experience in the birth world as a Doula.  I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Hospice Volunteer who works with those close to death.  I have studied birth and death deeply.  They are intimately connected, and death always brings new life.  I teach and integrate universal truths about how to move through our cyclical death processes, bringing techniques of ease and awareness to lubricate the birth canal for the inevitable new form that is coming.

Right now we are in a collective death of old ways of being, where the truth, complicity, and responsibility in our shared histories are bubbling up into our global awareness to be named.  There is an invitation to not look away from the continued injustices that are occurring so visibly and painfully on our global stage.  Amidst the brutality and violence we witness, there is also a very strong incentive to speak, act, and heal ourselves so that we can combine our prayer for a new way of living on the Earth, with action.  Prayer is actually synonymous with action, one cannot exist without the other.  We will not just dream this new reality into existence, we must take action to create it.

One way to do this is to make our healing a priority.  This allows us to feel safe enough to step out into the world and participate in this movement for liberation.  There are many ways to do this, and it looks different for everyone.  It is your journey of healing and discovery to determine what this looks like for you, AND, you are needed now, know this.  New gifts of yours are ready to come online, your heart can open to more courageous and truthful self expression, and new neurochemistry is ready to be woven. 

We CAN change, and we CAN influence change in the larger systems around us. At The Sacred Senses we offer a range of healing and reclamation techniques that create a ceremonial space to hold you during this process, reminding you that you already possess all you need to be the most effective healing catalyst for your own self.  You will move forward with the understanding of how to create and add to these supportive rites of passage for yourself and others for the rest of your life.   


At the Sacred Senses we:

Go to the Wilderness for Vision and Nature Quests, taking participants into the backcountry for extended periods of time for study, healing, fasting, and journeying.  This is also called MidnightMoonDark, which you can read about in the continuing pages.

Work with the Voice and all she wants to channel---speaking truth, toning, singing, songwriting, articulating and expressing our whole self to the world, to speak what we stand for.

Experience Movement Alchemy, 
offering greater connection with our bodies, health, and longevity, through aspects of dance, yoga, and free movement.  

Offer Energy Medicine Sessions; healing and alignment sessions that greatly affect change in our belief systems, our daily physical lives, and our patterns and behaviors in the past, present, and future.

Liberate our Creative Expression and remember that making art is our natural birthright, learning to access our authentic expression versus performance, contraction, and comparison.  

Heal our Hungry Ghostsworking with addiction of all forms including to substances, bulimia, other food relationships that are wanting to come back into balance, and more. 

This Container is a vessel woven of the Sacred Senses, created in intentional integrity, reverence, professionalism, spiritual hygiene, and loving care.

Please visit our Contact page, or email us at to have a conversation about support you are desiring. 

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