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The Sacred Senses Program is designed to guide you through the experience of reclaiming yourself, to help you learn how to express your gifts and skills as an offering to the world, and to make money doing it.  We have many tools in our basket to share with you.  I am here to be your Spirit Midwife, and pace with you through the contractions and expansions of consciousness jumps, time-stream hops, and the reprogramming of limiting beliefs, into the new reality you are creating---your reclaimed self that only you can birth. 

With eleven years in the birth world as a Doula, thirty years as a Wilderness Soloist, and twenty five years as a Movement Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Artist, Writer, and author of three books, I teach and integrate universal truths about how to move through our cyclic death processes, bringing techniques of ease and awareness to lubricate the birth canal for the inevitable new form that is coming.

Often, when there is a death of old ways of being, it means parts of ourselves are finally feeling safe enough to emerge, new gifts are ready to come online, the heart can open to more courageous and truthful self expression, and new neurochemistry is ready to be woven.  The Sacred Senses Program offers a range of healing and opening techniques that create a ceremonial container to hold you during this process, reminding you that you already possess all you need to be the most effective healing catalyst for your own self.  You will move forward with the understanding of how to create and add to these supportive rites of passage for yourself and others for the rest of your life.   

In this Program we:

Go to the Wilderness for Vision and Nature Quests, taking participants into the backcountry for extended periods of time, for study and healing.

Work with the Voice and all she wants to channel---speaking truth, toning, singing, songwriting, articulating and expressing our whole self to the world.

Experience Movement Alchemy, 
offering greater connection with aspects of dance, yoga, and free movement.  

Offer Guided Energy Medicine; healing energy alignments in the quantum and shamanic realms that greatly affect change in our daily lives in the past, present, and future.

Liberate our Dharma Artist so we can make art from a place of truth versus performance, removing energetic and emotional stagnancy so that the Muse of True Expression can come through.

Heal the Hungry Ghostworking with addiction of all forms including to substances, bulimia and other eating disorders, and more. 

This Container is a vessel woven of the Sacred Senses, created in intentional integrity, reverence, professionalism, spiritual hygiene, and loving care.

Please visit our Contact page, or email us at to have a conversation about support you are desiring. 

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