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The Journey of Reclamation is one of the greatest endeavors we can embark upon to set ourselves free. It would be my honor and pleasure to walk with you for a time along your path towards reclaiming all parts of yourself.

Reconnection is available for all who are ready to remember our commitment to protecting our home, this Earth. Our wilderness and the multi-cultural sacred sites of the Earth must be protected. It is time to stand in solidarity with our global cultures that have practiced Indigenous lifeways since the beginning, helping their communities to strengthen in any way we can.  The sentient spirit of the Earth resides within us and all around us.  She is the vast expanse of our mountains, oceans, deserts, forests, and grasslands.  She cannot be tamed.  She is the unknown depth within us that waits to be explored, that exists in spite of trauma, indoctrination, enslavement, genocide.  She remains, eternal.  She is the Great Mystery, the Multiverse, the Dance of the Cosmos, she is everything that is unknowable.  She is Freedom.  She lives through us, we carry her with us, she is our home, and she is our shared future.  She must be protected, and respected.     

Reclamation is a process of initiation that already lives within each of us, waiting to be sparked, to lead us back to wholeness.  Reclamation is the integration of every part of ourselves, an acknowledgment that everything we have ever lived has made us who we are, even the experiences that were the most challenging.  Each piece we reclaim is essential, to be loved and welcomed home, and in doing so we free ourselves to follow our true path.  Reclamation is the truth of our shared herstory and ourstory. It is the truth of how we have lived on this Earth, the acknowledgement of the ways we have come out of balance, and what we are prepared to do to restore this balance. It is our collective prayer of a radically new way of being that is already here for us if we choose it.    

Revolution is a global, heart led movement to end the Cis-Hetero Patriarchy and Colonial Genocidal Program ONCE AND FOR ALL, that has infected our world for so long.  Through a Revolution of the Heart we face the trauma in our lineages, acknowledge, correct, and release the ancestors who have not been in alignment with the equality and inter-relationality of all of existence.  We heal ourselves.  We courageously strip the old destructive societal programming that has been intentionally designed to limit our power, and we help others do the same.  We come into right relation with the Earth, and we commit to protecting all life, for what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.  We claim our right to THRIVE with all our relations and the Earth. 
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