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Hello Friends!

My name is Saetha and I welcome you to this space.  I am a Woman, Witch, Warrioress, Wilderness Soloist, and Revolutionary Spirit who has walked into the fire many times.  I am a supporter of all who are on a path of healing, and specialize in acting as a guide for those who are ready to reclaim themselves, their joy, and their purpose in being alive.  

I have lived through many dealings with the white supremacist, cis-hetero patriarchal structure​ that is causing so much suffering and disconnection on this planet.  This distorted structure affects us all; our family constellations, our relationship with ourselves and others, our cultural, racial, and gender sovereignty, our physical, emotional and mental health, our legal rights, and above all our Earth's ability to thrive.  My experiences led me to a critical point where I recognized that my life was in danger, and that I must make a stand for my own healing in order to reach my full potential and soul's expression in this lifetime. 

I survived an embattled childhood with a mentally ill parent, whom I ultimately learned to create healthy boundaries with and to help constructively.  I healed myself from 14 years of bulimia, drug, and alcohol addiction, imprisonment, sex work, and a general descent into the Underworld of the human condition.  I learned to mother my full self, including the little girl and young woman who lived through these events. The transformation I have experienced in my life is a miracle to me! And I could not have done it alone.  Many magical humans appeared on my path to mentor and help me. And so I offer the gifts of medicine I have received along the way to you, if you are also a seeker of greater healing, on this lifelong journey as Students of the Mysteries together.

I am a Creator Connector Witch.  I have skills that create Webs, Networks.  Along with the Reclamation of the Sacred Senses you will read about in these pages, I connect women together to weave an irrigation system of individual, communal, and financial empowerment so that once one woman is elevated, she can reach into the Web and offer support to another, creating her own networks, and teach the women she works with to do the same.  We are entering a time where our own successful financial interdependence and ability to create supportive infrastructure, from the most basic and practical level, all the way up to being the guides and protectors of our communities, is being asked of us.

If you are here, you may be in a process of healing the experiences that have been your training ground, and are now ready to be free of those stories that can so easily become our fixed identity.  I would be honored to walk with you into the new spaces that are created when our wounding becomes our freedom, reminding you that you have everything you need within yourself already, to facilitate your own healing.  

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