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I Call upon the Goddess, She who walks between Earth and Sky
May I walk in her footsteps

She who speaks for us all, may I speak with her tongue

She who bathes in the Waters of the World
May these Waters run pure

She who Greens the Earth, we thank you for your bounty and shelter

Great Mother, I give my life in service to you, it is my vow, my dedication, and my commitment

To protect you, to walk this Earth, and to empower Women of the world to create a network of healing and infrastructure that is sustainable for our collective Human, Animal, Plant, Stone, and Spirit Family

So we may rise with elegance, dignity, simplicity, ease, and joy, bringing Pleasure back to the World

Bringing Cyclical, Experiential, Inter-Relationality back to our World

I thank you, Goddess
I thank you, Goddess
I thank you, Goddess

H'osha Aho Emaho
So it is Said

It is Done
It is Done
It is Done

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