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Of all the healing modalities learned over the course of my journey, nothing is more potent or powerful for me than the integration and unification that occurs when I spend time in nature.  I believe this reconnection is the greatest spiritual teaching we will ever receive as humans.  I am here to help you bridge whatever obstacles may be standing in the way of this union.  I am a fearless Wilderness Witch who has been walking into the night landscapes for over 30 years, ready to share with you the grandeur and simplicity of this homecoming.

My invitation to you is to walk with me into the magnificent Wilderness that is our true environment.  Journey with me into the back country of California and the Southwest to visit her Sacred Sites.  Sleeping out under the stars by night, receiving her beauty by day, her gift to you can only be received when you say yes to come home to Her. 

Through a series of practices designed to remind you of your own sovereignty, you will become empowered to release any fears around being in nature, of being alone, of being in the dark, of encountering animals or other people.  This is a powerful initiation that creates self reliance and cannot be found any where else.  This is a lived experience that is asking for your participation, where exponential transformation is possible.  

Contact Saetha at to begin your Wilderness Quest!


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